Wednesday, January 17, 2007


"Modern Day Secret Garden"

Walking in downtown Gainesville, I caught sight of this quiet spot behind one of the main buildings. I think this picture really brings out the girly side of me. As a child I read the book and watched the movie The Secret Garden many times. I guess you could say I fantasized about having my own pretty, pretty garden. This place really reminds me of a modern day version. I know it doesn't look the same, but not many people take time to do any kind of gardening or to even make any special relaxation place outside anymore. As I grow older and busier, I've lost touch with hobbies and interests I had as a child. I use to love to "pretend Garden." I can't say that I every really had a flourishing flower bed or anything like that, but I did like to pretend. I use to get those cheap plants from the grocery store the ones that have pink on their leaves. I was so intent on taking care of them that I usually would water them to death. I also had spider plants in my room and one of my personal favorites an aloe plant in case I ever needed first aid for a burn. I don't think I would fall into the normal category as a kid--- I know I was a little odd. I was very introvert and didn't have many friends. I think having plants and animals to take care of made me feel like I was needed. Writing about it now, I realized I haven't changed too much. I still don't have a lot of friends (that's one reason I have time to blog), I'm still a little odd, and I do love taking care of my dogs. They love me and need me!!!!

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Josh Carpenter said...

That picture turned out really good. I like your little "secret garden."